3D Printed Foil Quill Adapters


Attendees of my Binderary 2024 workshop on Foil Quill know that I use 3D printed adapters to Foil Quill with Cricut plotters. I am making these adapters available so more fanbinders can get into this unique method of book cover decoration.

These adapters are prints of the WRMK Foil Quill Adapter for Cricut JOY by iluep and Cricut Explore One B Side Foil Quill Adapter Set by cleversomeday models, under a Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International license.


Please note that Cricut is adamant that the use of a WRMK Foil Quill (with or without these adapters) voids the warranty of your Cricut Machine. While I have tested these adapters on my personal machines, please be aware that these adapters are not guaranteed to function as intended, nor are authorized for use with your Cricut machine. By purchasing and using this item, you understand that you are running the risk of damaging your Cricut machine.


  • Adapter for Cricut Joy
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  • Adapter for Slot B
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