Fanfic Bookbinding Starter Pack

$36.00 - $46.00

Thank you for your interest in the kit! New kits drop every month on the 15th (midnight EST/9pm PST on the 14th.) I'll also be posting on Instagram when this happens.

This kit contains sustainably sourced, harder-to-find materials to help get you started with fanfic binding on a budget.

Each Fanfic Bookbinding Starter Pack contains beginner amounts of quality materials like linen thread, farmer's market beeswax, and a genuine cattle bone folder—all crammed inside a fanfic binding themed tool pouch. I've also included a brochure with useful diagrams and tips and a 3D-printed corner tool exclusive to this kit.

  • 1 - Fanfic Binder Tool Pouch
  • 1 - Bone Folder
  • 1 - Awl
  • 1 - Hole Punching Guide
  • 4 - Bookbinding Needles
  • 1 - 100% Linen Thread (70m)
  • 1 - Raw Beeswax (5g)
  • 1 - Support Tapes (50cm of linen or ramie)
  • 1 - Bookbinding Mull (18x15")
  • 2 - Pre-Made Endbands (6" random color)
  • 1 - Corner Miter Tool
  • 1 - Resource Guide Brochure

  • ADD ON - 1 - Olfa SVR2 Bookbinding Knife

All in all, this is about $60-70 worth of materials when purchased individually on Amazon or at a bookbinding supply store. Sharing costs with other binders makes things more accessible to everyone! Each kit contains enough material to make multiple books.


  • Please note I have only included hard-to-source materials, since many folks may already have tools like brushes, knives, glue, rulers, etc.
  • I’ve included tips on how to build out the rest of your kit locally or using stuff you have at home, including where to source free binder's board and the best brand of cutting knife.
  • To get an idea of the types of supplies that are used to supplement this kit, feel free to check out the Amazon (Affiliated) List I made here: Bookbinding Starter Pack (Additional Materials). That said, I do recommend checking the tip sheet (included) and coupon-stacking at Michaels or Joann's to save money, since these Amazon prices are higher than necessary.
  • You also don't need to obtain everything at all once—get what you need to make the textblock first, then purchase what you need to make the case, etc.
  • The kit has 8.5x11" Hole Punch Guides for the USA & Canada and A4 Guides for everywhere else.
  • Since the bone folder is made from actual bone, it will have a patina.

This project was a labor of love to help more people get into this hobby.
Special thanks to my guildmates at Renegade California for their support and feedback in developing this kit.


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